Pick up the giraffe, put down the monkey.

“Life gives you whatever you tell it you want. Not only the words you speak, also the thoughts you think and where you focus your energy, tell Life what you want…even if it is not intentional. 

Imagine Life as a loving parent, and yourself as the little child who knows what they want, but cannot talk. 

The parent gives you many toy animals, and can only assume which ones you like, based on your behavior. 

If you’re always carrying around the monkey, the parent is going to assume that’s your favourite and give you more monkeys. The parent has no way to know that you actually want giraffes, unless you pick up the giraffe. 

You also have to learn to put down the monkey, because if you’re holding both, it will assume you want both. If you don’t want it, put it down. 

Pick up the giraffe, put down the monkey.”

(Excerpt from my first book, “Pick Up The Giraffe, Put Down The Monkey”)


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